Case Studies

Case Study – Making the Audience Sweat

MED Sweaty SurgeonMedical Illumination is one of the leading manufacturers of surgical lighting, and have led the way in low-heat-emitting LED surgery lights. Our new print ad dramatizes the experience of operating under traditional halogen or incandescent lights versus MI’s ultra-cool LEDs.

The ads ranked among the highest-read ads in their respective publications based on readership surveys. Here’s what some of the readers had to say:

“Excellent ad—good eye-catching display and offers an explanation of why I should go to the website and review their products.”

“Graphics got my attention and made me want to read the ad.”

“Great image—we’ve all been there!”

“Perfectly explains and the pic is humorous because we’ve all been there!”

“This ad is effective as it is because it shows me something I can relate to.”

“This is what I purchased.”






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